New Orleans Aquatics will be a brand new swim team in the greater New Orleans area.  The team will be coached by TJ Natal, and will be training at the Loyola New Orleans University Sports Complex.  The sports complex is located on Freret St between Calhoun and Broadway.  The pool is on the 5th floor of the Sports Complex.  For more information please click on the contact page for Coach Natal's information or to fill in your contact information. 

Cost: $120 per month

Practice Times:

   Monday - Friday: 4:30-6:15pm

   Saturday: 9-10:30am 

Equipment Needed:

  Speedo Bullet Snorkel


  Paddles (Group 1 only / Size decided by coach)

Mission Statement

New Orleans Aquatics

The mission of New Orleans Aquatics is to teach correct stroke fundamentals and training methods to all levels of swimmers,  while emphasizing individual progress, team unity, and family participation.